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The BMW 2002 parts and Megasquirt parts you’ll find here are the result of many years of research and continuing interaction with the BMW 2002 community. We also support the other BMW M10 equipped autos, including the E21 and E30 models. Our BMW specific parts and information will simplify the conversion of the old carbureted m10 engines to a more reliable EFI (electronic fuel injection).  In the case of the E21 and E30 our parts will simplify the implementation of a more modern programmable system.

Please, if you have questions, feel free to send us an email (tom@02Again.com) or give us a call (760 610 0791).  We love to talk about the BMW 2002.


Tom Rafalski


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***********News FLASH!************

The BMW M10 Crank Hub/Pulley with EDIS Trigger Wheel is going away.   We have 8 of these left as of 10/3/19.  When they are gone…..My impending retirement will be kicking in.