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M10 Crank Pulley with Trigger Wheel  Item #: CTP00 M10 Crank Pulley, 36:1 Trigger Wheel, 4.5” diameter alternator/water pump Pulley. Complete unit, ready to go conversion, for Megasquirt EFI or Crank fired EDIS ignition. 303 Stainless steel hub for strength and longer main seal life (aluminum will wear much faster). Slightly smaller (stock is 4.8”) split steel (long life) pulley for slight reduction of in the speed of the water pump and alternator (freeing up horse power by reducing parasitic drag). Both the trigger wheel and pulley are bolted to the hub, which would allow changing to a different triggering method or different pulley size if desired.  (A new Woodruff Key also supplied, just in case its needed.) Trigger wheel clocked for use with our EDIS sensor mount (part #EdTrg), see part just below. Crank VR Sensor Information MegaSquirt Ford EDIS information Crank Timing Wheel and Sensor Reference Guide for non-EFI application (MegaJolt) Crank Hub/Pulley with Trigger Wheel (P/N: CTP00)

2002 M10 EDIS Sensor Mount

Price $19.95 Item #: EdTrg

Quickly and easily mount your Ford EDIS trigger sensor. Includes 2 extra long 8mm water pump bolts as well as the 5mm screws to mount the sensor to the plate. The whole deal, no need to drill, file, or hammer anything. Make gap adjustments by loosening the water pump bolts (the pump housing has ample slop to allow you to set a suggested .5mm gap) Ford EDIS Sensor not included EDIS Crank Position Information Sheet

IAC Control Block Price $69.90 Item #: IAC01 Intake air control block. Adapts the Jeep stepper controller to the 318i intake manifold. Comes with another adapter which goes on the 325i/325is throttle body. And a short piece of hose to connect the 2. Allows the MegaSquirt computer to control the amount of bypass air to the engine during engine warm up. (Comes with stainless fasteners to attach block to intake manifold and Jeep valve to block, You’ll need your own gasket sealer and Jeep Valve) IAC Control Block Installation Instructions

Throttle Body Adapter Price $49.95 Item #: TBA001 CNC billet machined 6061 T6 intake manifold adapter. Allows the use of a E30 325IS throttle body on a E30 318 M10 intake manifold. This intake manifold is the most popular EFI/MegaSquirt one used to convert the carburated M10 to EFI. Comes with 6mm allen screws. (Requires the use of RTV/Permatex #599 type silicone gasket maker or stock gaskets not provided)

Throttle Position Sensor Adapter Price $19.95 Item #: TPSA01 Simple CNC’d 6061 aluminum adapter to allow the use of variable resistance Nissan throttle position sensor (available from us or online from others). Comes with correct stainless steel screws

  Nissan Throttle Position Sensor  We do not stock this item 

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Pictured mounted on 318i and 325i/325is Throttle Body This Nissan TPS works with the 325i/325is and the 318i/318is throttle body. It was used on the 84-89 300Zx and as well as other models. The number 29304 is cast into the part. The TPS has 2 different connectors and we use the one that is connected to the 3 wires (red, white, black). The black wire is ground, white is the wiper (signal), and the red is the source voltage

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